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Infrared Body Wrap

The Far Infrared Body Wrap System is a deep heat treatment that utilizes the body’s natural cooling process to stimulate the metabolism.

When heat is absorbed by the body on a continuous basis, the blood circulation is used to transport the excess heat as close as possible to the skin’s surface, inducing sweat, to help dissipate it into the cooler atmosphere.

It utilizes Far Infrared energy to produce this heat as it can be very efficiently absorbed by the body when generated around the 9.5 micron waveband.

To stimulate and maintain this natural metabolic cooling process over a 50 minute session requires the body to use energy. The effect is similar to undertaking a vigorous workout but without any lung or muscle load. As such the Infrared Body Wrap Treatment can help with:

  • Body reshaping and weight-loss
  • Providing pain relief
  • Improving well-being

The “Exclusive” Control Unit together with six heavy-duty non-allergenic silicone wraps that contain heat filaments. One body wrap each for the chest/abdomen area, stomach/hip area, two for the thighs and the two variable wraps that can be used to target specific areas such as aching shoulders, under-arm fat deposits, fluidly calves or perhaps areas with pain.

The heat to each body wrap can be controlled to suit a particular physiology or a person’s tolerance to heat. Each body wrap has a color coded Velcro fastener which matches the color coded output jack on the Control Unit.

Each session takes 50 minutes with a 10-minute warm up period. The 50 minutes is necessary in order to obtain the best results.

Studies have shown that it takes a moderately conditioned body 20 to 30 minutes to heat up (this includes exercise and other heat based treatments) and that the major therapeutic value to the body occurs after that warming up process.

An Infrared Body Wrap session is undertaken by lying down on a custom platform bed and cotton clothing is worn. Many people feel deep relaxation, read a book, watch TV or even have a quick sleep.

How Infrared Body Wrap Treatment Works

From a physiological perspective, the treatment generates Far Infrared energy, the energy our bodies naturally absorb from the sun, in the form of heat at a frequency that is easily and effectively absorbed by the body. The input of concentrated, targeted Far Infrared energy stimulates the metabolism and immune system providing a wide range of well being and weight loss related benefits.

From a scientific perspective, penetration of energy into a medium is dependent on the intensity of the source of infrared, the angle at which the ray hits the surface and the coefficient of absorption of material. The infrared ray needs to be on a straight path therefore the closer the ray to the surface the better the penetration. The body wraps are placed against the body meaning there is better penetration, which is why it is so effective and up to 93% of the rays can be absorbed to a depth of 4.5 centimeters.

The effects simulate many aspects of a sustained vigorous workout. The deep heat reaches through muscle and tissue to stimulate the metabolism and increase blood circulation as would happen with concentrated exercise. The major difference is that the heat is being absorbed passively and does not stimulate lungs or muscles.

This does not mean it should replace a balanced diet or exercise. However, each treatment sessions Infrared Body Wrap Treatment in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise program can help accelerate results. For those people that have difficulty exercising, it can help compensate for the lack of activity.

How does Infrared Body Wrap Treatment work for Body Reshaping and Weight Loss?

Outer parts of the body, where fat is typically stored, are normally poorly supplied with blood and can be anything up to 10′C cooler than core body temperature.

To break down fat you generally need to expend energy, such as that generated in sustained exercise. Exercise increases the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) and is widely accepted as one of the fastest ways to use calories. Exercise generates body heat, significantly increasing blood circulation, which stimulates fat burning activity.

Infrared Body Wrap Treatment provides concentrated heat into targeted areas, while still providing an overall body workout, over each 50 minute session. Due to the increase of blood flow during an Infrared Body Wrap Treatment session, generated through the concentrated heat, cardiovascular conditioning can also be achieved – the heart must work harder in order to pump blood faster through the body.

A person using Infrared Body Wrap Treatment, 2-3 times per week, as recommended, should experience body reshaping and weight loss through the break down of fat and the loss of excess fluids and wastes.

The results of the Infrared Body Wrap Treatment clinical Study (‘Clinical study for the effectiveness of the treatment – in depth thermal treatment for weight loss and size loss and degenerative joint and spinal column illnesses, Dr. med. A. MEDINA and Dr. med. K. RADTKE, 1985, Internal Medicine Department of the District Hospital Rinteln at the Weser – study commissioned by Health Germany and available on request) indicated that on average, the control group’s results were:

With diet: an average of 6.5 kilos lost in 10 sessions and between 7 and 8 centimeters lost in each of the thigh, abdomen and hip areas.

Without diet: an average of 4 kilos lost in 10 sessions and between 5 and 6 centimeters lost in each of the thigh, abdomen and hip areas.

Sweating also plays a part in the loss with one gram of sweat being equivalent to .586 of a calorie. Hydrating (which we recommend prior, during and after an Infrared Body Wrap Treatment session) will replace lost fluid as required but the calories are lost in the process.

Fat is actually quite light, in fact much lighter than muscle. Your body requires a specific number of calories every day to function properly. Individuals with active lifestyles require more calories in their diet than those with sedentary lifestyles. If your energy intake consistently exceeds your energy output, you will begin to notice a change in weight.

For every 3500 calories consumed beyond the energy needs of your body, you may gain approx a kilo. On the other hand, creating a deficit of 3500 calories can result in the loss of a kilo. Consequently to lose one kilo a person needs to burn 7000 calories.

Infrared Body Wrap Treatment will be of most value with a balanced exercise and eating program. People participating in life style change programs can sometimes experience a plateau effect. Combining Infrared Body Wrap Treatment sessions with diet can overcome this effect and accelerate the results.

Even people that lead a very sedentary lifestyle can still achieve results over a longer period, assuming that they exercise adequate control over dietary and other general health factors.

Results will be dependent on each person’s particular make up and physiology. Basic body shape also plays a part in how quickly the results will be achieved. Generally, the greater the excess weight being carried, the faster and more dramatic the body reshaping and weight loss results can be.