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Inchloss Body Toning & Fat Reduction

Lose 6 – 9” on your very first treatment
Lose a FULL clothing size after 10 sessions
Maintain results for at least 6 months *
Burns calories and lose weight


Faradism is electrical muscle stimulation and is known for its effectiveness as a muscle exerciser. Faradism is used regularly for:

  • therapeutic pain relief treatments;
  • muscular re-education and reconditioning after illness, accidents or lack of use;
  • athletic enhancement;
  • and in the beauty industry for slimming and body contouring.

Muscle stimulation was initially developed for astronauts returning from outer space who needed to quickly recondition their unused used muscles. It was then adopted by the medical profession to treat patients with atrophied or seriously diminished muscle function, and soon after athletes began to use faradic treatments as a way to fully deplete trained muscle groups: allowing them to retrain sooner and more intensely.

When you work out with weight training the idea is often to build muscle. This is achieved by lifting weights that will create tiny tears in the muscle and the process of repairing is what begins to create the bulk. People who only want to create increased definition in their muscles will lift lighter weights and do more repetitions. The same holds true with the Inchloss, lighter current, regularly will create definition and slimming; higher current will build muscle and bulk.

Working with the principals of faradic current, Inchloss requires specialized pads to be placed over specific muscle groups that generally correspond to the motor/ insertion points of the chosen muscle groups. (See diagrams for specific programs)

The faradic current controls both the contraction and relaxation of the muscles being targeted. It is for this reason that a client needn’t do anything except lay back, relax and let the machine do its job. This is also why muscle stimulation is often referred to as passive exercise. Furthermore, because the current controls the relaxation of the muscle, the Inchloss is very effective at reducing muscle stiffness and tension following a workout.

The Inchloss is a painless and effortless way to improve strength and toning in muscles and also for creating lasting slimming results. This treatment is very desirable for individuals who cannot workout for a variety of reasons (ie: injury, disability). Many people with physical limitations either find it difficult to get enough regular exercise that works out all of their muscles, or they unable because it causes a great deal of pain to do so. Using the Inchloss to tighten and tone their muscles will assist in preventing atrophy and stiffness and will also help with circulation and lymphatic function; as the current does move their muscles.

Heat Diathermy Wraps

The Professional Series Diathermy heat wraps work by rapidly raising the sub dermal temperature to around 40 degrees centigrade in the area to which it is being applied. Thermal radiation activates and improves the blood circulatory system on account of the dilation of blood vessels. The absorbed heat is physiologically distributed throughout the body via the circulatory system and the client experiences sense of wellbeing and relaxation. The deep heat will also relieve stiff aching limbs, muscles and joints.

The Diathermy heat machine is able to accelerate chemical changes within the epithelial cells, which break down the fat droplets so that the liposome’s can dispose of these fats as waste via the lymphatic system and through the skin accompanied by perspiration. And additional benefit is a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite and firming of loose skin.

* certain criteria must be adhered to in order to maintain results
** business opportunities available