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Nimas Day Spa is a family owned and operated day spa that has been serving the communities of Vancouver and Surrey for nearly three decades.

We are proud to pamper guests from around the Lower Mainland who come just to experience the magic of our treatments.

Nimas Day Spa understands the mind-body-spirit connection, and have treated hundreds of loyal guests to a level of healing and relaxation that rebuilds the individual who has been damaged by stress to the body and soul.

Our services and qualified staff will help you reach your personal health goals in a safe and lasting manner. The anti aging effects of when you take back control of your health are tremendous.

Some of the services we offer:

Our EZ weight loss program

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard when you enroll in our EZ weight loss program. Our EZ weight loss program incorporates a full spectrum of natural ingredients and technology including nutritional counseling, cleansing, body and life-style coaching. Each of these are key components to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Healthy and permanent weight loss reduces the risk of heart disease and so many other ailments most people are challenged with these days. Let our knowledgeable and qualified staff help you reach your weight loss goals so you can get your healthy and sexy self back.

Learn more about our EZ weight loss program …

Fat Reduction with Lipo Laser

The Lipo Laser program was specifically designed to address spot fat reduction and body contouring. With Lipo Laser we can target your problem areas like your waistline, mid and lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, arms and underarms, and more. Our Lipo Laser program is relaxing, non-invasive and very safe. And all our Laser technicians are trained and doctor certified to perform the laser treatments.

Learn more about our LAPEX Lipo Laser 2000 program …

Body Re-shaping and Contouring

If you are like most women, then you are probably all to familiar with those unwanted pockets of fat that sit in the most undesirable areas like your hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

Even athletes and supermodels have battled the “bulge” with little success … up until now …

The VelaSmooth system is the only FDA cleared device that will effectively and safely contour and reshape your body and is available at our spa.

Learn more about our VelaSmooth Body Re-shaping and Contouring program …

Cellulite Treatments

All too many of us are plagued with that “cottage cheese” texture that sits on the back of our thighs and buttocks. This appearance is cellulite and is the result of abnormal fat collections.

We can help you reduce cellulite very effectively with our Vela Cellulite Treatment program.

Learn more about our cellulite treatments with VelaSmooth.

Inch Loss Body Toning and Fat Reduction

Our inch loss body toning and fat reduction treatments are based on the principles of faradism. Faradism is electrical muscle stimulation and is known for its effectiveness as a muscle exerciser and its body toning abilities.

Inch loss body toning is very effective at reducing muscle stiffness and tension after a workout. As well, Inch loss body toning is a painless and effortless way to improve strength and body toning with lasting slimming results.

Learn more about the many benefits of Inch loss body toning…

Infrared Body Wrap

The effect of the infrared body wrap is very similar to undertaking a vigorous workout but without any lung or muscle load. Therefore the Infrared Body Wrap Treatment can help you reshape your body and overall weight loss; provide pain relieve and improve your overall well-being.

Learn more about how the infrared body wrap treatment works for body reshaping and weight loss…

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